Fifth C! Reads: Part 1

We are pleased to present to you new reading recommendations from our CONVOCO! thinkers – get inspired! Why we swim (2020) by Bonnie Tsui A book about the fascination and…

Thougts on Freedom II

…be a remedy to consider – particularly given that political power of companies could be limited this way. Should politics be subject to long-term rules, or is more freedom of…

CONVOCO! Forum 2021 en

CONVOCO! FORUM 2021 On Saturday, July 31, the CONVOCO! Forum 2021 gathered around 200 guests from politics, business and culture at Salzburg Congress under the headline “How much freedom must…

C! Reads: Freedom

The Freedom to Be Free (2018) by Hannah Arendt This book offers insights into the ideas of one of the greatest thinkers on freedom in the modern era. Everybody. A Book About…


politics and scientific consultation interrelate. Who has power over the Euro? How powerful is the ECB? How do we deal with geopolitical disintegration of power? What role does the power…


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