What about Gender Equality?

…the women out. Algorithms can produce discrimination. When Amazon tried to automate parts of their recruitment process, the algorithm discarded applications from women because the system was fed data from…

7. C! Reads

Nachstehend finden Sie die neuen Leseempfehlungen unserer CONVOCO! Denker:innen – lassen Sie sich inspirieren. The Master and Margarita (1967) by Michail Bulgakow A delicious parody, this time of the Faust…

Fifth C! Reads: Part 2

We are pleased to present to you the second part of reading recommendations from our CONVOCO! thinkers. Get inspired! The Murder of Professor Schlick (2020) by David Edmonds This book…

Fifth C! Reads: Part 1

We are pleased to present to you new reading recommendations from our CONVOCO! thinkers – get inspired! Why we swim (2020) by Bonnie Tsui A book about the fascination and…

C! Reads: Freedom

…Freedom (2021) by Olivia Laing A history of the liberation of the body in the 20th century told through personalities in the arts, culture, and society. Olivia Laing shows how the body…


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