C! What To Watch?

…our environment? The concept of free will is a central theme. A programmer in the 1980s starts to believe that he is the victim of a conspiracy. The Black Mirror…

Second C! Reads

…in Europe: With Particular Reference to Germany (1996) by Franz Wieacker The Red Book (2018) by Carl G. Jung The Red Book charts these visionary moments in Jung’s life with…

What led to Brexit

A hard Brexit on December 31 seems increasingly likely. The negotiations between the UK and the EU have reached a new low. In our Convoco Editions The Standing of Europe…

C! Forum 2015: Thesis

Here are some highlights of the Convoco Forum on the topic of Power and its Paradoxes: Who’s Really in Charge in a Globalized World? – Thoughts on geopolitical power relations,…


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