6. C! Leseempfehlung – Krieg in der Ukraine

Präsident Vladimir Putin überfällt die Ukraine. Das ist ein Verstoß gegen die UN Charter und Verbrechen gegen den Frieden nach Art II a) der London Charter (1945). Putins Vorgehen ist mit den Grundprinzipien der EU und der Nato nicht vereinbar. Diese gehen von der Unverletzlichkeit der Grenzen und dem Selbstbestimmungsrecht aller Nationen aus. Auch Russland hat diese Prinzipien mehrfach unterzeichnet.

Finden Sie hier unsere Leseempfehlungen zum Thema.

We Have Never Been Here Before (25.2.2022) Thomas L. Friedmann
The New York Times

Putin is not only aiming to unilaterally rewrite the rules of the international system that have been in place since World War II — that no nation can just devour the nation next door — he is also out to alter that balance of power that he feels was imposed on Russia after the Cold War.

Vlad the Invader: Putin is looking to rebuild Russia´s empire (26.2.2022)
Niall Ferguson
The Spectator

You might say that has been the history of Ukraine going back to the time of Peter the Great. It is certainly the way Tsar Vladimir wants Ukraine’s latest bid for independence to end. If he succeeds, the responsibility will lie heavily on those western leaders who forgot their Clausewitz.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s resentful leader, takes the world to war (25.2.2022) Max Seddon
Financial Times

Despite months of western warnings about his plans for a brazen assault, Putin framed the invasion as a defensive operation — even going so far as to cite the relevant UN charter article — and claimed that Russia had “been left no chance to act otherwise”.

Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling Pyramid of Power (27.2.2022) Vladimir Sorokin
The Guardian

In Russia, power is a pyramid. This pyramid was built by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century – an ambitious, brutal tsar overrun by paranoia and a great many other vices … Paradoxically, the principle of Russian power hasn’t even remotely changed in the last five centuries.

We Are All Living in Vladimir Putin’s World Now (27.2.2022)  Ivan Krăstev
The New York Times

We should all have that clarity today. Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine is one of those moments that impels us to reinterpret our own era: what we called the 30-year peace that followed the Cold War … has now ended.

We further recommend Ivan Krăstev’s book The Light that Failed (2020).

To settle the Urkaine crisis, start at the end (5.3.2014) Henry Kissinger
The Washington Post

Far too often the Ukrainian issue is posed as a showdown: whether Ukraine joins the East or the West. But if Ukraine is to survive and thrive, it must not be either side’s outpost against the other — it should function as a bridge between them.

Im Konflikt mit Russland macht immer öfter das Wort von der Finnlandisierung der Ukraine die Runde.

Calamity Again (24.2.2022) Anne Applebaum
The Atlantic

The Ukrainian identity was anti-elitist before anyone used the expression anti-elitist, often angry and anarchic, occasionally violent.

In Ruins (25.2.2022) James Meek
London Review of Books
The peace of Kyiv before the war was nervous, dynamic, unpredictable. Full of obvious mistakes – as an actual democracy is bound to be. Full of people who strongly and openly disagree with each other, and have hope of having more political power – as an actual democracy is bound to be … Full of people who’ve zoned out of politics altogether – as an actual democracy is bound to be. I was never sure whether the unpreparedness of Kyiv for what was probably coming was carelessness or denial, but I think it is quite clear now that it was courage.

Jenny Holzer, “Truisms” (1978-87)

In 2017, Jenny Holzer created a spectacular display at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill’s ancestral home. In stark white letters, she beamed first hand accounts of war onto the palace. Find the video here.

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