The C! Edition 2020

…to recognize or reject claims to legitimacy. – Stefan Korioth – The 2010s saw the world experience a unique global legitimacy crisis, as perceived norms in geopolitics, politics, economy, and…


…popular tweets none refers to politics, and Facebook too shows that there is a trend towards no politics. Past decisions have shown that plebiscites are not always conducive to the…

First C! Reads

…home in the world of Marcel Proust will devour this book about one of the most important French doctors of the Belle Époque. They´ll also learn much about politics, culture,…

Authority in Transformation

…view of government tells us that politics is not about power but about authority, and that authority comes when people are accountable, directly or indirectly, to others who have less…

Power and its Paradoxes

…powerlessness only seem to be contradictions. They are mutually dependent. The Convoco edition discusses the interaction of power and powerlessness from different angles and asks how politics and scientific consultation…


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