C! Interview with Carl B. Frey

…automation, about: AI, industrial renewal, and the common good Carl Benedikt is Oxford Martin Citi Fellow and co-directs the Oxford Martin Programme on Technology and Employment, the world’s leading programme…

CONVOCO! Forum 2016

…Consultants GmbH, Dr. Nikolaus von Bomhard, Chairman of the Board of Management of Munich Re, and Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President of the European School for Management and Technology, Berlin. The…


…It contradicts the predictions. Why were British pollsters wrong for the second time? It is probably not a problem of technology or interpretation but rather the fact that we are…


Our inaugural Convoco 3.0 panel about “How Blockchain Technology impacts our Social and Economic Environment” was a great success. Here are selected statements. What is a blockchain? A blockchain is…

C! Forum 2015: Thesis

Here are some highlights of the Convoco Forum on the topic of Power and its Paradoxes: Who’s Really in Charge in a Globalized World? – Thoughts on geopolitical power relations,…


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