#44 Bruce Pon – Is Blockchain Revolutionizing our Lives?

In this C! Podcast Corinne M. Flick speaks with Bruce Pon, Founder and CEO at BigchainDB as well as Founder and Board Member at Ocean Protocol, about:

Is Blockchain Revolutionizing our Lives?

Here’s what he said:

AI and blockchain are essentially two supernovas coming together and allow to rebuild a lot of the foundations of our society on them.


People are questioning governance and our democratic foundations. Blockchain is a way for a global community in a specific area to start to govern and manage the ideas which governments are not flexible enough to handle.


Bitcoin is a hedge against irresponsible governments who print too much money. Bitcoin and Ethereum look like they’re going to take the role formerly occupied by gold as a bulwark against inflationary pressures


There is a much higher inclusion in the crypto world for minorities and those who traditionally were not as involved in the financial system. Crypto is one of the most democratic rollouts of new technology we have ever seen.


People think that crypto coins are used for criminality. There’s nothing further from the truth. If somebody is attempting to do something illegal with cryptocurrency, it’s traceable for eternity.

Central bank digital currencies help the government to implement the policies and to fight corruption and money laundering. During a crisis, governments know that getting money directly into the hands of citizens is the most effective way to bring relief. 


Governments: be very careful how you do the regulation and how you do the taxation, because if you do it wrong it’s going to drive out innovation and a lot of your tax base.


Russia, China, North Korea and Iran actually see Bitcoin as a potential destabilizing force against the dollar, so they want Bitcoin to succeed.


The entire crypto space is adapting very quickly to environmental concerns, much faster than countries.

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