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        Convoco! Meeting of Minds

        Convoco offers platforms for leaders of the economy, politics, law, science, culture and media that enable a free and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas regarding questions of social relevance and inspire a debate.

        The purpose of bringing together theory and practice in discussions, lectures and forums is to sensitise the public to current issues, to foster a culture of public debate, and to bring about social change through the initiatives of individuals - collaborare - exchange - change!

        Convoco is a charitable foundation founded by Dr. Corinne Michaela Flick.


        Convoco bears its mission in its word: “convocare”, Latin for “to convene”. Set aside from the routine of everyday life, Convoco enables an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas through different platforms.


        As a charitable foundation, Convoco takes on a socially active role as the initiator of debates.


        Based on an advisory board of scientific and economic leaders, Convoco facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

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