#81 Oded Galor- What has led to today’s inequalities?

In our new CONVOCO! Podcast Corinne M. Flick speaks with Oded Galor, Professor of Economics at Brown University and author of the book The Journey of Humanity (2022) about: 

What has led to today's inequalities?

Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Geographical endowments across the globe induce different societies to adopt different cultural and institutional characteristics. Some of them are growth enhancing, some of them are growth retarding.

Diversity and cultural fluidity is essential in the ability of society to adapt to today’s rapidly changing technological environment.

The size of the human population affects the number of potential innovators, the demand for innovations, and as a result of it, the next wave of technological promise.

Much of the inequality that we see across the globe today originated in forces that operated and were formed in the distant past, hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Human ingenuity and the level of education that we accumulated over the years will allow humanity to meet its challenges quite effectively.

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