#2 Sven Simon – The Corona Crisis & The European Union

Corinne M. Flick speaks with Sven Simon, Member of the European Parliament and Professor for International, European and Public Law at the Philipps-University Marburg, about: 

The Corona Crisis and The European Union

in relation to Convoco’s 2020 topic „New Global Alliances: Institutions, Alignments and Legitimacy in the Contemporary World”

Here’s what he said:

[…] the crisis reminds us that we Europeans are, as we say in German a “Schicksalsgemeinschaft”, a community with a shared destiny and fate. What is happening in northern Italy is obviously not limited to this region, it concerns us all. So, even if we shut down the boarders it doesn´t help, that is obvious.

I […] hope […] we will have a discussion after the crisis where we can work more closely together to make the added value of the European Union visible, more visible for the people.

[…] a crisis is always a moment of truth. Are our institutions, our health care system, our liberal democracy, our economy and our EU strong enough to stand the trials of the pandemic?

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