#61 Maha H. Aziz – A World of Heightened Risk: Trends and Reasons for Optimism

In our new CONVOCO! Podcast Corinne M. Flick speaks with Maha H. Aziz, Professor, Author, Speaker & Cartoonist in Global Risk & Prediction, about:

A World of Heightened Risk:
Trends and Reasons for Optimism

Here’s what she said:

This year is going to be defined by great power competition … In a world in which we don’t really have clarity on who’s in charge, it’s safe to say that we will see the continued rise of conflict, which will breed inequality in many countries.

Equity is about giving more resources to those who need it, whereas equality is about giving everybody just the same. But clearly, there are people who don’t need extra support.

There’s been so much talk and hype about “the great resignation” that people are willingly leaving their jobs to find something better. Apparently, it’s a global phenomena. But I don’t know if that will work for everybody, and if we’ll see a reversal in that trend.

Going forward, we could see not just a clash between big tech and government, but a new phase of the tech war: government vs. blockchain.

There has been a lack of consensus about what values are driving the global community …  there does not appear to be a counter narrative to the hate. The pandemic was the opportunity for us to come together. And as we know, we did not.

It’s easy to be pretty pessimistic given what we’ve gone through … But I think going forward, there are innovative ways in which we can create more opportunities for people, whether it’s satellite internet or other tech innovations that we don’t even know about yet.

The progress we may make will come from actors outside of government: the entrepreneur, the billionaire, the activist … All of us have to be more activist to tackle the challenges that we have within our borders and as a global community. 

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