#28 Matteo Garavoglia – The Future of the European Union

In our CONVOCO! Podcast Corinne M. Flick speaks with Matteo Garavoglia, who leads the European Public Sphere Project at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies, about these subjects and the challenges that Europe faces when it comes to its democratic and policy making processes.

The Future of the European Union

Here’s what he said:

Germany has the leadership in the EU when it comes to economic matters. But when we look at geopolitics and military affairs, France is the country that calls the shots. France has learned over decades and centuries to think geostrategically, it has the most advanced military capabilities in the EU now that the UK has left, it has an impressive diplomatic corps and it has the mental outlook to act as a geostrategic power, something that Germany is just starting to develop.

The EU could become a more effective player on the global stage by establishing a small but standing European high-intensity expeditionary force to project power world wide. We do not need to look at big numbers or extraordinary expenditure. It is a political choice.

It was always naive of the United Kingdom to think it could have a relationship of equals with the EU. You can pretend to have an equal relationship but you won’t have it. The sooner the UK comes to terms with that the better.

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